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Next year, the world’s first cryptocurrency will turn 10 years old. During this time, Bitcoin has become not only a universal means of acquiring all kinds of goods and services on the network and in the “real world”, but also an extremely profitable business.

In addition, it turned out that the invention of cryptocurrencies as anonymous decentralized money systems is ideal for the gambling business. What are the advantages of using Bitcoin in online gambling? Interesting? Read on.

Advantages and disadvantages

There are many advantages to using cryptocurrencies as bets for online casinos, such as:

  • Complete anonymity (both users and transactions). You can only track wallet numbers. Confirming your identity when using cryptocurrency is not necessary;
  • Minimum commission or its complete absence;
  • Processing requests for input and output occur almost instantly;
  • Many cryptocurrency casinos offer users much more profitable bonuses;
  • The principle of Provably Fair (proven fairness) allows you to be sure that the casino plays fair. Every game, every bet can be checked.
  • Playing in a casino is a profitable way to use a small amount of bitcoins. It is profitable to spend them in another difficult way. With the usual conclusion, they will not bring profit.
  • Ability to check the entire transaction history.
  • The wallet is protected from blocking by the state and code 2019. No state regulatory authority has the right to block or freeze a bitcoin wallet, since it is not used to store fiat money.
  • You can play anywhere. Even in countries where gambling is prohibited by law.

Thus, there are a number of positive advantages of using cryptocurrency for betting.

Why casinos love cryptocurrency so much

So, we figured out what casino coin cryptocurrency is profitable for players. It is fast, simple and safe. But are there so many advantages for casino owners as for visitors?

  • The process of opening a casino operating with cryptocurrency takes much less time (from two to three weeks instead of two months).
  • The principle of no return, which works with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, protects the casino from fraud by players. Operators will not have to spend time on numerous disputes with users. Claims will also disappear.
  • Using cryptocurrency will provide an influx of visitors, significantly expand the boundaries of the market for you.
  • Since the number of specialized casinos is less than traditional, the competition among them is lower.
  • Unlike casinos that operate with fiat currency, a license is not required when working with cryptocurrencies. It can be obtained to increase the level of trust among users, but this is not necessary.
  • No expenses and faucet associated with multiple conversion.
  • The number of players using cryptocurrency will only grow.
  • The cost of opening a Bitcoin casino will be less than the opening of a traditional one.
  • Cryptocurrencies are a profitable alternative for societies with an unstable or stagnant financial system.

How to find online casino cryptocurrency

Such casinos are much smaller than regular online casinos, but they are. Most of them work with bitcoin currency. The most popular resources are:

  • Bitcasino.Io – allows you to make deposits, play popular slots and board games, as well as withdraw funds using the only bitcoin currency;
  • Fortune Jack Casino is a superbly designed gambling house that has been operating since 2014. The resource works only with cryptocurrency, the minimum amount of input and output is 0.002BTC;
  • CryptoWild casino – more than 1000 games are presented in the casino. Here there is almost everything you need for a pleasant pastime: slots, roulette, baccarat, blackjack, poker.

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